Case Studies

Case Studies

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Berkadia completed a major relocation of their space in 2015 and TransAmerican was selected to furnish the space including 329 computer workstations, 21 private offices and all seating and ancillary items. This innovative space is a great example of a workplace culture shift with most individuals moving from private offices or high panels into an open, collaborative workspace environment.


The View at Montgomery is an innovative mixed-use apartment complex at the site of the former John Wanamaker School. The students requested environments that supported both social activities such as gaming and entertainment areas, separated from quieter group and individual study areas.


Originally built in the late 1930’s as a Convent to house the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer the design and use of this interior workspace has seen a huge modern transformation.


Main priorities on this project were employee health and comfort. This is where ergonomic furniture came into play. TransAmerican specified fully adjustable task chairs as well as dual monitor arms throughout the space. Each workstation features a personal storage tower with a coat closet and a magnetic white board. Visual privacy was provided with reeded glass at the top of each panel.


Much of the design of this Ashfield location was influenced by the company’s office in the United Kingdom. This led to an aesthetic that features modern, clean lines with pops of color. The first priority was to accommodate 50+ people in a small space without making them feel claustrophobic.


The location of this office provides great views to downtown Conshohocken and the river. Office workstations with relatively low panels were specified to avoid blocking the windows.

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