Ashfield Meetings & Events

Ivyland, PA


Much of the design of this Ashfield location was influenced by the company’s office in the United Kingdom. This led to an aesthetic that features modern, clean lines with pops of color.

The first priority at Ashfield’s Ivyland location was to accommodate 50+ people in a small space without making them feel claustrophobic. The space has windows only on the short sides of the suite. TransAmerican specified Haworth Intuity, a modern benching system, to help save space without sacrificing functionality. Personal storage is provided over and under each work surface.

Informal meeting spaces are what this company thrives on for collaboration – these brightly painted rooms are toward the front of the space, adjacent to a large, formal conference room. Glass walls allow these rooms to feel larger while also providing acoustical privacy.

Practical yet fun, this office works well to reflect the brand and vision of the client. Well-intentioned product selection and space planning led to a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Photographer: SG23 Design

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