Modern Office Furniture


It’s not just about office furniture, it’s about your space. And we do mean your space. In design, we will ask about your practical needs and aesthetic wants — and assess the details of your work environment, culture, and function — to create a space for your organization to grow, develop, and flourish. Your design will not only align with your organization, but holistically with your people as well — increasing your company’s overall productivity.

Full Color Renderings

Space Planning

Product Specification

Cultural Adaptation

Modern Computer Workstations

Work Consultation

Not every change is seismic. In fact, big progress can come from small evolutions. It comes down to asking the right questions. Like: How well does your current space reflect your workplace culture? Does an open or closed floor plan make more sense for your business? How efficient is your layout? Do you have the type of workspace that can attract and retain the talent you want? How do you see your space evolving and growing in the future? We use a people-centric design approach, putting the “human element” at the core of the basis for design. After all, it is your employees that will inhabit and navigate your space. This approach may help your organization:

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Reduce the cost of absenteeism
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Increase camaraderie through collaboration
  • Reduce the effect of stress-related health costs

Change Management
User Training

Space Efficiency
Employee Engagement

Future Planning
Tech Integration

Attention to Detail

Project Management for Office Workspaces

Project Management

Between initial assessment, execution and completion, lies logistic and project management. With so many moving parts, projects are managed to ensure everything comes together the way it should — on time, and on budget. No problem. Every project manager (PM) at TransAmerican has uncanny attention to detail and is committed to guiding you through the process easily. From product orders, reconfigurations, material management, inventorying, to tracking and receiving product, your PM has everything covered. Interfacing directly with clients, if you ever have an urgent question, your PM is there to take that call. The Project Management team at TransAmerican Office Furniture are the embodiment of our motto: “WORK. TOGETHER.”

Order Tracking

Move Management

Assets Management
Logistics Management


Office Furniture Repair and Storage

Ancillary Services

At TransAmerican, two little details make a huge difference to our customers: our facilities and our people. We have one of the largest display showrooms in the Delaware Valley. From conference room chairs to office lighting, and everything in-between, you will be able to see and feel our products firsthand. But, we know our world doesn’t begin and end at product. We not only sell office furniture, we KNOW office furniture. That means how to care for it, clean it, treat it and service it. This ultimately adds value to our customers by helping to maximize their investment over time. Also, we offer a full scope of inhouse services including upholstery, painting, refurbishing and more. How can we help you today?

Refurbish Existing Products
Paint Shop
Panel and Chair Cleaning
Chair Repair
Warehouse Storage

Refurbished Workstations
Reconditioned Furniture
Used Furniture
Lease/Purchase Options
Furniture Rental
Buyback Programs

Have a question? Looking for ergonomic office furniture? How about computer workstations and office lighting? We’ve got you covered! Our consultants are here to help in any way you need.